Seed Implants (Brachytherapy)


Patient is placed under general anesthesia

A Catheter is placed through the urethra into the Bladder

Imaging is obtain using an Ultrasound placed in the patients rectum

A 3 Dimensional representation of the Anatomy is generated in the treatment planning computer (Figure 4)

Multiple needle and seed approaches are evaluated and modeled in the computer before the optimal path and pattern is chosen

Thin empty needles are placed into the prostate

Radioactive seeds are placed individually into the prostate through the needles with a Mick Applicator

Doses are continually monitored and optimized throughout the procedure

At the completion of the procedure, all instruments are removed

The patients anesthesia is then reversed


Fig 3.  View of needle insertion into the prostate with Ultrasound probe in the rectum


Rizwan Nurani Pic 5
Seed Implant Pic

Fig 4.  An example of a patient specific three dimensional prostate rendering (red), with rectum (blue), seminal vesicle (orange), individual radioactive seeds (green) and urethra (yellow)

Prostate 3D Computer Model